Hitch Helper Mirror: Hitching Up Your Trailer Is Now a One Man Job
What is Hitch Helper?
How Hitch Helper Works
Advantages of Hitch Helper
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Hitch Helper Mirror is the Easiest-to-Use
Trailer Alignment Device Available!

Use to hitch up a variety of trailers.
It is lightweight, easy to use and store.
It is made of sturdy materials that will not rust.

Whether you are hauling your camper, boat, horse, snowmobile, motorcycle or work equipment, Hitch Helper makes hooking up the trailer a simple task.

With Hitch Helper you no longer need to enlist the help of family or friends to hitch up a trailer to your towing vehicle. No more getting in and out of your vehicle to see if you are lining up your trailer tongue and the hitch ball. With Hitch Helper, you see both the hitch ball and the trailer tongue from the drivers seat so you can back your vehicle directly to the trailer tongue for a perfect alignment. No more banging your trailer tongue into your license plate or bumper, will not rust, and will give you years of carefree service.

Easily hook up any trailer with Hitch Helper Mirror!
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