What is Hitch Helper?
How Hitch Helper Works
Advantages of Hitch Helper
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Hitch Helper is Easy to Use:

1. Just PLACE the Hitch Helper with its strong magnet on the top of the trailer tongue.

2. Adjust the HEIGHT of the pole by pressing the spring loaded button so that the mirror can be seen from inside the vehicle.

3. ADJUST the mirror so that it reflects the trailer tongue about one third of the way up the mirror.

4. BACK your vehicle up to the trailer, when you are about four feet from the trailer, the ball of the hitch will come into view in the mirror. This allows you to make adjustments in your backing. When the hitch ball is aligned under the tongue of the trailer STOP the vehicle.

5. You can now LOWER the trailer tongue on to the hitch ball.

6. Then REMOVE your Hitch Helper from the tongue of trailer before moving the trailer.

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